Why I’m doing this

This project started and stopped many times over the past few years. I’m notorious for having ideas and beginning the process with enthusiasm and then getting caught in the day to day (yes, cleaning, cooking for my family, trying to stay active and fit is enough to pull me away from my focus! Imagine that.). I also believe that their has to be purpose behind what you’re doing or else it just gets put lower and lower on the list or vanishes from the list all together.

I needed a real reason to followthrough beyond the initial inspiration phase. You know what the best way to be able to do that? I didn’t. But now I do.

Here’s the quintessential statement — I became a mom. And you know what happens when you have a baby and earn the new title of “mummy”? You have instant purpose. Purpose beyond any house chores or board room meeting.

I have less time in a day than ever before, I have fewer hours of sleep than I ever imagined possible. I open my tired stinging eyes to a tiny miracle every morning. No matter what the night has brought us, I wake up smiling at the little creature we made who grins back at the site of my face. It’s pure magic. And he makes me jump up in a way I never have before every. single. day. He is my purpose.

But there is more to life than just being a mum. And I am far too aware that the years will fly by (every old lady reminds me of it walking down the street!) “oh how cute. how old is he. hello little one. he’s just precious. you know dear, it will pass by in the blink of an eye. cherish these days.”) I actually love the random encounters and free-for-all conversation that having a baby strapped to you brings. The world is so much more tender to a woman with a baby on her hip. So I welcome the old ladies and chat with them longer than they are used to I think. I know this phase is remarkable and fleeting. I feel it already and it hasn’t even been a year since he was born. I work everyday to try and savour moments with him and spend time playing. And still I can’t believe when I look back a photos from six months ago how tiny he was and what a big boy he is now. God help me when he towers over me and can pick me up.

So no spare time and even less brain space, I am starting this project. An inspired life. A log of whole foods, no sugar kitchen and the family favourites we create. And a diary of our adventures and how we continue to live life with more focus on experience and less on things. There will still be stuff, and there will still be treats! But I have been very clear to want to try and raise a child with the understanding and experience that there are good quality desserts and snacks and we can make them ourselves!

There is so much information out there about the harmful aspects of a diet filled with sugar and processed foods. It’s the perfect time to be a health-nut mom. Much more so that when my parents were raising me and trying to send me to school with sandwiches made organic stone-ground sourdough bread (or you know vegetable nori-sushi!) while all I saw was wonder bread sandwiches everywhere. There is more research and science and documentaries and books (and you know, the internet!) than ever before and I know kids are kids and they are going to want cupcakes and cookies and need a childhood of fun and enjoyment too, but it boggles my mind that we still live in a culture that accepts sugar and artificial chemicals in food for children when science blatantly tells us does to people’s bodies over time. It’s poison, inflammatory, on the same additive level as cocaine and yet we still give it to our most precious creatures and the future of humanity.

Here, I will hope to offer not a perfect life by any means, but an inspired life of recipes and ideas that may help anyone to know that making real food with healthy ingredients is possible, attainable and so worth it. I would like our child (and hopefully a few others out there too) to know through experience that: there is always an alternative.



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