Not a boring life.

In my 20’s I had an underlying feeling that turned into a legit fear of living a boring life. Yes, the prospect of a traditional, normal, ordinary time was what kept me up at night. (Boo hoo!) I look at it now and chuckle because there is little that is truly unique these days and what one would consider boring or normal varies from person to person. There are great people doing cool stuff everywhere and there is all the social media feeds to prove it. But  I think our 20’s are a time for marking our space and deciding on the people and places that make us who we want to be.

I met my now (husband) then, (random dude I was so not into at first!) and thought well, with him I’ll never be bored and we’ll never be ordinary. He had a sense of adventure that could be desired and I had a sense of spontaneity in his presence that was contagious. Almost a decade later, I occasionally wonder if a cookie-cutter-life would be more calm because we do end up in some peculiar spaces he and I. Mostly though I smile at when we decided to be together and the sentiment that “we’ll make an adventure our of everything and we’ll strive to be un-ordinary” is the thread that stays with us at every turn.

The most recent are-you-for-real moment was when he began down a rabbit-hole of researching adventure vans. If you don’t know what I mean check this. Adventure van’s are like the new VW Bus but with a bit more space and less finicky repairs. You basically take an old (or new) shipping van and convert it into a badass i-can-drive-anywhere-see-beautiful-things-and-wake-up-in-paradise touring mobile. At least that’s the end-goal. Comme ca! But to get to that point either takes a heavy purchase price or a major project. Obviously the project van was the route my man was going to take, because customizing your own adventure van is way more awesome that just buying someone elses!

So we have a beast of a project and a vision of the adventures ahead. The first one under his belt, driving it home over 3000 km across this massive country. I never imagined owning a massive white vehicle. And that’s how I know we’re on the right trajectory of our life. Random interests to turn into thoughtful adventures creating priceless memories. Our kid is going to think we’re weird. He’ll be right. But with any luck he’ll also have the experiences of a lifetime.

She’s going to need a name. And some curtains.


xx A.

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