To the desert

It wasn’t on my bucket list nor my top 20 places I’d love to see. But it was glorious. Surprisingly glorious. I almost think I loved it more because it was so last minute and I had zero expectations of preconceived notions about what kind of trip or place should be. We went to the desert. Arizona. Home of the red-rocks. The grand canyon. National Parks to make you feel like a tiny insect in comparison to the magnificence of the massive tundra. It was dry and everything was tinted a golden yellow tone which instantly made your mood lighten when you stepped outside.

Naturally, hiking became our happy place. The baby would grumble in his I-don’t-want-to-fall-asleep voice and always lose to the lull of the pace as we walked up and up towards the summit. The cacti and spring desert flowers guided our path and when we turned around to see the view it was like no other I’ve experienced. We’ve hiked in many countries and this was something else.

In some ways I think our baby grew up over the course of this week in the sunshine. His toes were out in the cool air everyday and he loved not being bundled up. It reminded us that getting away is an equal mix about the vitamin D and the pace-reset, reminding us as a family that we still are on the same page and share similar interests, goals, dreams. It seems like that’s a lot to get from a few days together in the warmth, but truly, that’s all it usually takes to reset back to the equilibrium of togetherness.

Note: Must remember that.





xx A.

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