Lemony Hummus

We love hummus! In our fridge you can count on a few things: there is always lettuce, always lemons, always carrots, always miso, always pickles, always organic apples (if I have anything to do with it!) and always (well, almost always) hummus! Some kind of bean dip is either in the fridge or in the making. Creamy variations of hummus are a must-have go-to for plant based eaters. They are an instant snack for the kids (with rice cakes or vegetables), a great addition to the top of a salad or veg burger and perfect if people show up at your house and you have to entertain in a pinch. It can be simple — (grab a carrot stick and have a quick taste when your blood sugar is crashing but you don’t want to dip into the sweet-treat cupboard while you’re madly getting dinner ready for your kids!) or fancy — (put a dollop on an pretty oversized serving dish with a spoon-made crater in the middle and then pour authentic rich olive oil over top and maybe even a drizzle of balsamic oil,  togarashi or fresh cut herbs for presentation, salt + pepper and voila, super impressive!) Whatever your household flavour, hummus is awesome. It is one of my staples.

Occasionally I cave and buy it and when we are travelling or buying snacks for the road I always include hummus a good quality container in our grocery cart, but 90% of the time when I’m at home I am soaking beans, pressure cooking and using our foodprocessor to whip up a bean dip. I know what you’re thinking: it sounds like a lot of work. I promise you once you get into a rhythm it’s a cinch. It’s inexpensive and yet so damn essential to good health, good protein and at the ready fresh stuff. I’ll soon share the easy macrobiotic way of cooking perfect beans (with sea vegetables for mineral absorption and better digestion of beans.)

In the meantime, here is the perfect hummus for you and your kids’ picnic, beach day or summer party! Feel free to swap out chickpeas and use any other bean you like as well, it works great regardless. Our family loves a lemony bean dip so this one is beautifully flavourful and full of lemony deliciousness! (If you have picky eaters or people who don’t like a lot of citrus in your family you can cut lemon in half.)

Lemony hummus!

Blend the following ingredients in a food processor. Taste, refrigerate, serve, enjoy!

4 c chickpeas (water drained)

juice of 2 lemons

1 T umeboshi vinegar

2 T tahini

1 clove garlic confit or roasted garlic (I find for kids and for digestion cooked garlic works way better!)

2 T olive oil

2 T water

sea salt and pepper to taste




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