Why conscious?

A conscious life isn’t about being superior or perfect, it’s simply about being aware. It’s about being alert and deliberate with the choices we make, the things we consume, the places we go and how we feel.

It is important because it is a word and action that leaves you open — open to whatever suits your family, your style, your pursuits. It is good because it’s a reminder that no matter who you are or where you’re going, you can be in tune with the rhythm of your world — whether that is your kids, your career, your travelling, your fitness, your creativity or your environment. A conscious life is for the wander-lusting-wilderness-hippie and the cafe-frequenting-urban-fashionista alike. A conscious life is for moms and not-yet-moms and will-never-be-moms and boys too. It’s to remember that no matter who you are, being a healthy, awake, inspired human makes you better at everything else you do (or aspire to do!). I don’t think you need to be a yoga-practicing-plant-loving-minimalist to be conscious. Although none of those things would hurt to embrace a little!

I am a bit of a dichotomy and so it’s hard to pigeon-hole any one descriptor. And I really am not a fan of labels. (Hence my #veganlife—no I am not vegan—memorandum.) I’m sure many people feel this. Or maybe not? I don’t know. Are most people purely one-track single-origin focused and I am just a total weirdo? (Don’t answer that!) For my best self a mix of many interests and attributes make me whole.

I love wilderness with winding open roads and fresh crisp quiet air just as much as I adore bustling urban markets next to concrete buildings and the sound of movement everywhere. I practice yoga everyday and think being barefoot in the grass is important for a connection with the environment, but I will be the first to slip on a fancy pair of heals and step into a cocktail bar. My husband says he’s never met anyone who goes jogging with pearl earrings. And I say… well, I say thank you and keep running! It’s a funny thing, and a silly thing, and let me tell you it took a long while; but I have grown able to celebrate the complete mish-mash of belonging and realize that you don’t have to be (or do) any one thing. You just have to be true to yourself, and hopefully to other humans (…and maybe trees and some puppies too! 😉 But seriously. Practicing the art of being a conscious human is the ticket. It’s a simple way to check in with where you are and where you’re going and see if your decisions match up to your direction. Whomever you are, whatever you do, do it with your eyes, ears and most importantly heart open. I think the decisions you make and the places you frequent will be more in-tune with your best self when you’re do everything consciously. (And imagine what our little humans will absorb from watching this.)

There is so much out there to distract us these days, technology and social media and mass communicating is literally at our fingertips every second of every day and there is really no turning back from that. I am down with the modern world; like it or not we are a globalized planet. So I say embrace it, all of it (okay maybe not all of it!)…embrace most of it. And no matter where we fall, do so consciously.

As I raise a little human who will grow up in a very cool (and kind of scary) time, I hope to inspire him to not be just like me or just like his dad, but rather to navigate his own little universe and be aware every single day. Through time and caring and being an example I want to help him be tolerant and open and questioning and to make decisions not out of impulse but out of deliberate thought and intention. I can only hope that he can be content with little but strive for and experience lots. And through daily conscious living I wish for our little human, that he becomes a dichotomy of his own and can live… a conscious life.


xx A.

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