for the (sweet) record

So just to be clear, I don’t think people who feed their children sugar are the devil. I don’t think not eating sugar is some sort of superior-practice that has a good and bad camp. I’m not dualistic nor here to judge. What I can only hope to do is help inspire families to know there are other options and to educate their kids about it, to think about food as fuel and what kind of fuel do they want to power their daily activities and their growth into becoming adults. There is so much science out there now shining light on everything from the obesity epidemic to addiction to the political and advertising lobby’s who created an industry around sugar and the processed food industry. (I’ll get my top list of documentaries and articles together to share!) 

What is amazing to me is that with so much information or shall we dare call it “proof” that sugar in excess is in fact horrible for you, that there still seems to be an “oh well what can you do they’re kids” attitude about feeding the stuff to our children. We wouldn’t be so understanding if they started giving out little packages of cocaine for Halloween would we? And yet there are real studies about the addictive nature of sugar compared to such substances. (Scary stuff, right!) Ironically, sugar is more addictive.

So, without getting to focused on all the science, I simply hope that in this case knowledge is power and that it can become easier and easier to at least cook at home with good quality ingredients, more whole foods and less sugar. I believe that children live what they learn and if they are talked to and educated about why we eat more of this and less of that then they truly will start to practice it as they grow into their own beings.

Of course they will find candy at school and maybe at their friends’ houses and they will  undoubtedly love it. But if we share knowledge, learn why it’s not good for you and that there are alternatives that taste just as delicious, then they will grow up one step ahead. Isn’t that what we want in every way—for the little humans that we’re raising for the future?

Here’re to raising conscious humans, 

xx A. 



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