island time 

Every summer we spend time on the island, Prince Edward Island that is. When you’re a regular it’s called the island (or at least our family thinks so) even if we’ll always be from-away. My mom lives here on a riverbank just outside Charlottetown and every time I come I love it more and more. I vow to try and spend more time each summer exploring this place. The east coast of Canada is something special—salt of the earth, as they say—and PEI is no exception. With children the attraction to the island is magnified and it’s no wonder families flock to vacation here when the beaches are at their prime. Although I’ve enjoyed the coastal island-life visiting family for years, I now more than ever get why it’s such a great place to take little-ones.

In addition to the beaches, sand dunes, harbour front, outdoor arts-scene, fresh seafood, growing cafe scene, the farmers market, and of course Madame Green Gables, my mom (aka: gran) lives here. So it’s kind of awesome on all counts. And this year my sister and I decided to overlap our trips to the island so we got some quality sister (and nephew!) time too.

The older I get and each time I see my mom it becomes more and more apparent how we’re two peas in a pod. My husband says “oh my, you’re turning into your mother!” at an increasingly scary rate these days. We assume he means that as a compliment. My mum is a mom, through and through. She’s nurturing, caring, brings you tea, puts flowers by your bed when you arrive and massages your feet before bedtime. Like all moms, she is basically superwoman. And she can get a stain out of any article of clothing like I have never seen! My mum and I powerhouse through the kitchen cooking together whenever we’re together. We are a get-this-done-everyone-needs-to-eat kind of duo but happily whip-up and change-up recipes like we rule the world, or at least kitchen. As such our time on the island involves a lot of farmers-market shopping and sourcing fresh island ingredients to make into the next culinary creation. Her unwavering pursuit of sourcing and buying only quality-organic-food is inspiring and I find myself wanting to nourish her in return. Maybe that’s the thing about becoming a mother yourself, you very quickly realize all the things your own mother did for you in the years before you can remember.

As with all islands and vacations—if you’re doing them right—life seems to move at a slightly different pace. This year was a new pace all together with and one year old. (Although I did make it to yoga classes and have a pedicure which in itself is total-vacation-success!) We do what we love to do most here: we explore + we nourish. (Yes, I have a few recipes to share!)

We live in a coastal happy-place on the island. Better than more words, here are a few of the images of our island time.


DSCF5085 2.jpg

2017-07-22 10.21.15.jpgIMG_9100.jpgIMG_9264.jpgDSCF5057.jpgIMG_9543.jpgDSCF5007.jpgIMG_9031.jpgIMG_9206.jpg




IMG_9431 2.jpg





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