powerhouse bar: energy + minerals

It was a toss up as to whether these should be called beach-bars or powerhouse bars. I made these while at my mom’s house and they became a great grab-n-go beach snack. They are full of nuts and energy-rich foods that will keep you kicking-it for hours, whether you’re at the gym, on the soccer field, playing by the pool or you know, plowing through emails at your desk. However you move, this bar is an energy-packed re-charge that is for you! (Unless of course you’re allergic to nuts, in that case I’m very sorry. I’ll make something un-nutty for you soon.)

For new moms and breastfeeding moms who need healthy carbohydrates, proteins and nutrient-rich-snacks to fuel the tremendous output of milk-production and sleeplessnes, these would be perfect to make ahead and refrigerate or freeze. You are already are a powerhouse in all you do mama, but this little something would be perfect to fuel you right and keep you going.

If you know someone about to have a baby this would be a great thing to make, individually wrap (for freshness) and freeze ahead. I am always amazed at how you constantly need to nourish yourself (and eat!) while breastfeeding and it’s so important to have good food and snacks at-the-ready when you are constantly nourishing your little human. I am still breastfeeding our 16 month old and while we have a rhythm now, I can remember those early days when making-milk seemed to make me ravenous in a way I’ve never experienced before. So since it was just world breastfeeding week, I say make something to nourish a mother (and a baby!) today.

Here’s how:

4 c. nuts/seeds (roasted and of your choice – I used walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and cashews)

2 c rolled oats (raw)

1 c rice syrup

2 T barley malt (optional)

1 c nut or seed butter (I used almond)

1/2 c raisins

1/4 c prunes (chopped)

1/2 c almond flour

1/2 c hemp hearts

1 T chia seeds (ground)

1/4 c cacao nibs

1/2 tsp sea vegetable powder (optional)

1/2 c unsweetened coconut (for topping or in bar)

Place roasted nuts (chop large nuts first) and all dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl (excluding raisins). In a saucepan on low, heat rice syrup, barley malt and nut butter. Add raisins to the saucepan and let simmer (about 5 mins on low while continuously stirring). The raisins will start to soften bringing out their sweetness. Pour the wet mixture over the dry nut-mixture in the bowl scrapping the pot with a spatula. Stir the mixture thoroughly making sure to over all the ingredients.

In a parchment lined cookie sheet press the mixture firmly and evenly (tip: wet your hands or put a little bit oil on your palms to press so they don’t stick). Press shredded coconut (or any other topping you fancy – cacao nibs, chopped nuts, hemp seeds) on top. Place cookie sheet in fridge for 30 mins (or more) to harden. Cut into bars and place in a sealed container or individually wrap for easy storage and access. Depending on what you like, they are crunchy and crisp right out of the fridge and soft and gooey when you keep them in your gym bag!


DSCF5123.jpgDSCF5142 2.jpgDSCF5110.jpg




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